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Receive phone calls without ever having to give out your phone number with CallLynk, by – a web link you can securely share and receive phone calls with!

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CallLynk by

Protect Your Privacy

Did you ever want to allow someone to call you, but didn’t want to give them your number? For example, when selling on Craigslist.

CallLynk by is our new Patent Pending technology will generate a web link you can give out. When someone clicks on it you’ll get a call.

  • Embed Lynks in web pages to receive calls.
  • You never have to share your actual number.
  • Be reachable by people you don’t know.
  • CallLynks can be expired so you stop receiving calls.
  • Apply Do Not Disturb hours to Lynks.

Take control of your personal and professional phone numbers 🚀

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